Dharma Center

Join Us in Building the Dharma Center

Whether you took part in the building of the San Jose Betsuin, grew up within its community or are a newer member – we all share many of the same fond memories – dropping off our children at Lotus Preschool for the first time, attending Dharma School or Buddhism Study Class, participating in Scouting, preserving our heritage through cultural activities, staying involved through the many Betsuin organizations and enjoying the Obon Festival every year. However, our most significant memories are of the friendships we made and our ever-growing ‘family’…our Sangha.

As our Sangha and the community continue to grow and change, the Betsuin must plan for these needs as well as for those of our future generations. The construction of the new Dharma Center is essential to the Betsuin and the evolving needs of the community.

It is our turn. Our legacy.

This project is the culmination of 10 years of planning. Guiding this process was an assessment of where we began, who we are today and what improvements are needed for a strong tomorrow, while aligning our vision with our core Buddhist values. The new Dharma Center addresses the needs of our Betsuin as well as our broader community.